Kore – Straight Bars

It might not be that obvious yet but there is a common theme behind all the components going on to this bike. All the parts where possible will be black and white. The Thomson, Kore and Funn logos are all lasered in pure white and sit on satin back finishes. I think when everything comes together this will look stylish, clean and minimal.

I chose straight bars for reto factor too. I think i will cut them down a bit but its too early to say how much. I need to be sitting over a near built bike before making that decision. I’m not going to go crazy courier style where your elbows are virtually touching as you loose alot of steering control.

The Kore bars are light, pretty strong and great looking. I paid about $35 AUD for them and also got them from Chain Reaction Cycles UK.


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  1. Gav

    Starting to come together!! I was talking about your project on the weekend to a friend who’s also working on a single speed – have passed on your blog to them.

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