Pre Spray Photos

I have added some photos below with the frame and forks loosely bolted together so i can see how the Deep V Wheels look and shape the bike. Without tyres its always going to look a bit odd but it’s not hard to visualise how it will eventually look. I Photoshopped the seat and seatpost from my other bike just to get a good idea of the riding geometry.
Since the last post i have also chopped down the Kore Bars and added the White Oury grips. I hacked 40mm of each end of the bars, they were not that wide to start with. I have also ordered some 700c Carbon blade forks which have the 1 inch threadless steerer. There is not alot out there in this older headtube sizing, still I’m happy with the forks that are coming. It should add a bit more of that race style look and will also pull the front wheel in closer to the frame which i think will be more aesthetically pleasing.
The forks I have decided to keep black as you can’t powdercoat Carbon. I think its not a bad idea to have Black forks and white frame anyway, with white wheels too it might be a bit much. Also I guess if you are splashing out on Carbon you want to show it off!
Next time you see the bike it will be looking alot more complete!


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