Just missing the drivechain…



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2 responses to “Just missing the drivechain…

  1. Juju

    I happened to google “700c on a p7” as I am thinking about building my own bike, and wondered if 700c wheels would fit. Seems they will. Your project is inspirational.

    What size p7 frame was that? a 19 or 21 ?

  2. orangeproject

    Mines a 21inch frame but you won’t have an problems getting a 700c on a 19 either. I have 700c x 25 on their at the moment but could fit upto 32 on the back. Due to the Carbon fork on the front i think i may only get away with a 28 there, not too sure.

    You should give it a crack, its great fun and really rewarding seeing it all come together. Drop me a line anytime if you have any more questions.


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