My name is Chris Gillespie. I’m British and 33 years old, but currently live in Sydney Australia. I’ve been mountain biking since i was 15 or 16 and for many years religiously went on cycling trips and regular week rides with my mates who still ride today too. I started off riding BMX as a kid then moved onto XC mountain biking and eventually into downhill and freeriding.

I own one other bike at the moment which is a customised aluminium Scott Ransom Mountain Bike. It’s a big bike with 6.5 inch of travel and not ideal for riding on the road even with supsension locked out and with a spare set of slicks. Summer is drawing near and I thought it would be great to build up a mid spec street bike that i can commute to work on. I loathe racing bikes (sorry guys) and the whole lycra scene and honestly couldn’t bring myself to ride a traditional road racing bike given that i spent 10 years sticking my fingers up at road riders out the windows of cars as a teenager! I do however love the new single speed hybrid mountain bikes and track style bikes that are currently taking over the world.

My aim with the new bike is to build a retro/modern singlespeed bike that is light, fast and rad looking for commuting to work in busy traffic.

I’m a graphic designer by trade so the attention to detail and colour coordination is going to play a big part in the bikes specification choice. I have good knowledge of Mountain Bike parts from the last 15 years but my knowledge of single speed kit is limited, so this blog will no doubt witness a few dilemmas along the way. I’m hoping others might find the documentation of this project interesting and hopefully the advice i gain along the way will contribute to a better end result and possibly inspire others to have a crack at building their own bike.


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  1. Chris, this is inspired. I started riding a singlespeed Cannondale Bad Boy earlier this year which I bought to commute on whilst my old P7 sat in the shed. I’ve come to realise that my P7 is past its life on the hills – so I started hunting for P7 fixie stuff and I found this blog. I have so many questions – from steerer tube sizes, the actual make and model of the Carbon blade forks, the drivetrain etc. etc. I’m compiling my shopping list of components – drop me a line as I’d love to compare notes as I take my P7 from unloved MTB to Cannondale-replacing fixie…

  2. orangeproject

    Hey John,

    I’d love to help out where i can. My Email address is chrisg.creative@gmail.com

    Speak soon.

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